Card Form

Card Form is a form that turns Sora into a card. Should Sora lose in a Gambler's "Begin Game" or "Stop Dice", or any of Luxord's "Begin Game" Reaction Commands, he can be turned into a card or a die.

During this time, he moves very slowly, and can only perform a weak attack. This attack is a simple spin and does little to no damage, and any attack that hits him from behind is deflected. The Drive Gauge is changed to a form bar and will count down to how long Sora has left. This form will last for two form bars.


In his Card Form, Sora turns into a large card, roughly the same height as Luxord. An image of Sora in his normal Kingdom Hearts II outfit is displayed on one side of the card. In the image, Sora has his hands raised as if he is attempting to escape from the card, and his face is set in an expression of shock and surprise.

The rest of this side of the card is white. The opposite side of the card is the same as the cards from Luxord's Fair Game deck; it is grey with white edges and several Nobody logos decorating it.

Notes and References

  • It is easier to move this Form out of a room than Die Form, as Die Form usually requires Sora to be next to a door and get pushed by something.
  • If Drive Gauge is disabled, Sora will be transformed into Card Form for less than a second and then will revert back to his normal form.
  • If Sora is already in another Form, after the Drive Gauge corresponding to Card Form becomes empty, Sora will be back in his previous form, with a completely replenished Drive Gauge.
  • Any summoned character can prevent Sora from being transformed by the Gambler.
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