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The Camo Cannon (サイレントランチャー Sairento Ranchā?) is an Emblem Heartless exclusive to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.


A Camo Cannon, fittingly, is shaped like a small cannon. Its body is faded green, resembling camouflage print, with yellow highlights and silver rivets. It has four short, sharp, silver legs, a large, silver spike on either of its sides, and a black base. The Heartless's face is a black sphere with glowing yellow eyes set in the front of the cannon’s body. The actual barrel of the cannon is black and has several orange designs that cause it to resemble a face, with the mouth of the cannon being the nose. It also sports a short, curled, red fuse in its back.

The former part of the Camo Cannon's name could be a reference to suppressors, commonly called "silencers". These are devices that are attached to the barrel of a firearm to reduce the amount of noise and flash generated by firing the weapon. The latter part of the Heartless's name references its cannon-like appearance. Another meaning of the name could also reference the frightening advancement of modern weapons, with the ability to fire untraceable weapons over long distances.


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