Calling (呼ぶ声, lit calling voice) is the first episode of the Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Final Mix mangas.


As a meteor shower rains down on a quiet island, a mysterious voice recites the Legend of the Light. The next morning, a young boy finds a strange girl who had washed onto the beach shores.

Sora quietly wakes to the sun shining brightly down and is abruptly startled by Kairi, the strange girl that was in his dream. Kairi mocks Sora for snoozing on the beach to which he adamantly denies! Sora and Kairi arrive at their raft, admiring how far they've come with it, before being joined by their friend, Riku, claiming they didn't do much work on it and that they better not have been off sharing a paopu fruit. All while an embarrassed Sora asks him not to joke about things like that!

Later on, Sora questions if there is really another world at the end of the ocean and what it might be like. Riku, while sharpening a spear, responds that they'll know the answer to those questions if and when they arrive at a new world. That they'll find out where Kairi came from and why they all ended up on Destiny Islands. He reflects that they would never have known there was another world out there had it not been for Kairi suddenly appearing and that they would have just lived their lives on the Islands "surrounded by (this) unchanging landscape..."

In an attempt to break the tension, Kairi interrupts to show off the thalassa shell charm she had been working on which was meant to bring them safety during their travels. Sora tells Kairi she doesn't need to worry about their safety and that the three of them are going to see the world together.

As they're heading for the docks, Riku calls to Sora and tosses him a paopu fruit. He tells Sora to take his chance and share a paopu fruit with Kairi before they set sail, or he'll share one with her instead. Sora, embarrassed yet again, questions why Riku keeps doing this to him!

Meanwhile, Donald runs into the courtyard screaming, "The King! The King!", and attempts to wake a sleeping Goofy before finally casting Thunder on him. Donald tells a calm Goofy to keep quiet and stay calm while he is the one actually panicking loud enough to call the attention of Daisy and Queen Minnie. Donald tells the girls that the King has left and that Pluto was carrying a letter explaining why. The letters explains that he was sorry to run off without saying goodbye, but that there's trouble and he had to leave immediately. The worlds have been disappearing and that he needs to figure out why. He goes on to ask Donald and Goofy to find the "key" to their survival and stick with whoever that key is.

All the while, Sora is gazing at the paopu fruit Riku had given him earlier, blushing, he throws the fruit across his room and goes to sleep.

The King's letter continues by telling Donald and Goofy to go to Traverse Town and find Leon. Daisy gasps that the King would have Donald and Goofy to travel to another world, while the Queen fears what this all could mean.

Back on the Islands, Riku is standing on the balcony of his home watching over Destiny Islands. With a glazed look in his eyes, he says, "The door is opening...".

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • The Dive to the Heart sequence is replaced by the Legend of the Light prologue chronicling Sora and Kairi meeting for the first time.
  • Sora found Kairi washed ashore rather than him and Riku meeting her for the first time at the Mayor's house.
  • A scene of Sora in his room not included in the game appears as the King's letter is being read.
  • Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie do not make an appearance.
  • Part of Riku's home is shown.


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