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"Buried Secrets" is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the "Buried Secrets+" and the "Buried Secrets++."


Both covers of the Buried Secrets Lexicon have two elongated, green diamonds on them. They also have four white crescents arranged into an "X" pattern around the diamonds. There is a short, wide, white diamond on either side of this "X", and four white triangles on the spine of the book, two large ones and two small ones. All of the shapes on the spine and covers, as well as the Lexicon itself, have indigo borders.

"Buried" can mean "hidden". A secret is knowledge that is and is likely intended to remain hidden.


Buried Secrets's normal ground combo consists of White Tome's a slash straight down with the spine up and a sweep from Zexion's upper right to lower left and back. The combo finisher has Zexion hover in the air slightly, throwing Buried Secrets in front of him with one arm stretched forward. As the lexicon trembles, Zexion throws his arms wide and it opens up, expanding larger than Zexion with blush claws within that charges at the enemy ahead.

The aerial combo has two vertical slashes and has the same finisher as the ground combo.

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