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Bunnymoon is a joke Claymore that can be wielded by Saïx in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


The base of the Bunnymoon's blade is decorated by a stylized, red, black, silver, and yellow rocket ship. The handle is pale pink, while its pink pommel is curled, and is actually the "exhaust" coming from the rocket ship. The main blade is white with thick, blue edges. The tip is circular and decorated by a yellow crescent moon.

When Saïx enters his berserker state, the crescent moon is replaced by a smiling, stylized rabbit head with its paws up in front of its face. It has large ears and pink eyes. Like the rest of the main blade, this rabbit symbol has blue edges. The Bunnymoon also gains a large, circular, yellow additional blade on its outer edges.

Its name refers to the "moon rabbit". It's surreal design is in reference to Saix's rather psychotic personality.


Bunnymoon's ground combo starts with a near-vertical upward slash, followed by a downward diagonal slash, and ends with side-stepping movement followed by a 360-degree spinning swipe and an upward diagonal slash

The aerial combo consists of an upward diagonal slash, and then a sideways slash, followed by a dash forward in mid-air and a 360-degree spinning slash. This weapon has no Y-Combo.


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