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Bumble-Rumble Instructions ReCoM
Kana/Kanji ハチたいじ
Rōmaji Hachi Taiji
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
World(s) 100 Acre Wood
Reward(s) Elixir
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories tracks
Main theme - Dash-A-Long
Dash-A-Long RECOM
Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Instrumental Sections: Brass, Strings, Percussion, Keyboard

Bumble-Rumble (ハチたいじ Hachi Taiji?, lit. "Bee Extermination") is the fifth playable mini-game found in the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.


While talking to Eeyore about his lost tail, Pooh wanders away from Sora towards a nearby tree. He happily exclaims he has found some honey, but Eeyore warns that taking it will upset the bees that guard it. Sora decides to help collect honey and defend against the swarms of bees.

The bees are dispersed, but during the confusion Pooh runs into a tree. His collision rocks the branches, dislodging Eeyore's missing tail and sending it fluttering to the ground. Eeyore thanks the pair for finding his missing appendage, but is quickly dismayed when they both insist that they only helped on accident. Nevertheless, he hands Sora a card, which was dropped alongside his newly retrieved tail.


Bumble-Rumble KHRECOM

Sora in action in Bumble-Rumble.

Bumble-Rumble is a mini-game that is similar to a Heartless fight, though much more whimsical. There are seventy bee swarms around Pooh, and you have to defeat all seventy to clear the mini-game. To access Bumble-Rumble, go to the hole in the tree. Pooh has a health bar, and the bees swarm around Pooh, trying to break your cards to sting Pooh. You have three card types: Keyblade, Wind, and Honey, while the Bees have their own unique Enemy Card. Wind blows the bees and Pooh away, while Honey heals Pooh. In addition to any Attack Sleights you possess, you can use two new Sleights.


Bumble-Rumble - Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories
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