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Can't use this Keyblade anymore. Might as well leave it here... for the other me.


The Braveheart is the default form of Riku's second Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts III.


Riku starts using the Braveheart keyblade after his previous keyblade is broken in half by the Heartless in the Realm of Darkness. He leaves his old keyblade behind for his other self.

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The Braveheart Keyblade, like the Fenrir Keyblade, takes on the appearance of a pin tumbler lock key instead of the warded-lock key of most keyblades- however, unlike Fenrir, Braveheart is a key to a dimple lock. The blade is silver, with two parallel grooves running the length of the blade at the center; several circular intents are etched along each edge asymmetrically. The blade juts out and then cuts back in just before it connects to the guard, which is black and blocky. The Keychain is a Lucky Emblem.