Brain is a Keyblade wielder who appears in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. He is a member of the Dandelions and was chosen by the Master of Masters to lead a Union after the Keyblade War. Like the other new Union leaders, he was given a book with laws set by Ava. However Brain has declared he wishes to use the book to achieve a personal goal of his, wanting to be the virus that will alter the events set in stone.


Physical Appearance

Brain has black spiky hair that droops down over his eye. He wears a black coat with rolled up sleeves, gold buttons, and a large collar, grey pants, and black cowboy boots. His face is concealed by a black fedora that sports a black feather with a tan streak down the middle.

During the progress of the chapters, Brain's face was revealed, sharing a close physical resemblance of teenage Master Eraqus.


Kingdom Hearts Union χ


  • In Kingdom Hearts III's secret reports 11-13, an unknown author implied to be Luxu notes that one of the new leaders was an imposter and calls them a 'virus in the program'. Brain later refers to himself with this exact term in a cut scene in Union X. This could very strongly imply that Brain is the imposter among the new leaders.
  • When Lauriam confronts Skuld about his sister. Strelitzia's disappearence, Brain points out inconsistencies in Lauriam's story as if he is suspicious of him.
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