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Boo is a character in Kingdom Hearts III.


Physical appearance

Boo is shown wearing a pink nightshirt, purple capris leggings, and white socks. She has short dark brown hair with pink ponytail holders. She makes friends with Sulley and Mike after she sneaks through her door into Monstropolis .


Boo is first seen playing with Sulley and Mike when Sora, Donald, and Goofy walk into the corporation lobby. Mike is immediately frightened, thinking the trio would react badly about having a human in their midst. To their surprise, the trio show no fear of the little girl. After a brief introduction, the group is attacked by a herd of Unversed. Worried that more would come, Sulley decides to take Boo home. However, the door to her world is transported elsewhere by the machines, forcing the six of them to traverse through the entire factory to locate it. Throughout the journey, Boo acts as an energy generator. Eventually, they run up to Randall, Boo's former scarer and a hard battle ensues between the team and a powerful Unversed. Once they come out victorious, they force Randall back through the same door. Back at the command center, they face off Vanitas. Sulley saves Sora by grabbing Vanitas from behind then throwing him through doors to multiple worlds. With everything settled, the five say goodbye to Boo.

In the ending credits, Mike finds a sleeping Boo in Sulley's arms.


Boo is a character in the Disney/Pixar film Monsters Inc..