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The Bomber is a minor Gummi Nobody that is found in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. There are two different colored Bombers, red and gold.


A normal Bomber is an apparently mechanical Nobody with a cone-shaped head. The base of its head is yellow and the tip of it is pale gold. Its face is dark red with a white cross on it that resembles the top half of the Nobody logo. Its arms are long, dark red, and very thin. Its shoulders are conical, sky blue spikes with pale gold highlights. Its arms are connected to a large, yellow cannon that it holds directly underneath its head. This cannon has pale gold and orange highlights and rectangular, black vents on it.

The Bomber's name is a reference to its explosive, aerial bomb-like attacks.


Its method of attack is to fire red bombs at Sora's Gummi Ship. These bombs can be destroyed with some accurate shots. Just keep shooting it and it will soon fall.

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