The Blue Fairy is a fairy who appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.


Physical Appearance

The Blue Fairy is a gorgeous woman with a kind and gentle expression. She has flip-styled neck-long blonde hair and wears a blue headband. She wears a light blue dress, true to her name. The dress sports long translucent sleeves that have fabric hanging below, a long blue ribbon tied around the waist with a tied heart as the buckle. There's also a blue, oval pendant placed in the cleavage. The Blue fairy wears blue shoes and has two wings on her back, she also carries a wand with a yellow star at the top end of it.



The Blue Fairy originates from Carlo Collodi's book, The Adventures of Pinocchio from 1881. She was known as "The Fairy with Turquoise Hair" from the book, and was later dubbed as the "Blue Fairy" from Disney's 1940 animated movie, Pinocchio. In the movie, the Blue Fairy appears at the night after the carpenter Geppetto had finished making a puppet, Pinocchio. The Blue Fairy appears to grant Geppetto's wish, to make Pinocchio a little boy, but she only made Pinocchio a living puppet, and tells him he will become a real boy only if he is brave, truthful and unselfish and able to tell right from wrong by listening to his conscience. She then asks Jiminy Cricket to become Pinocchio's conscience. She also makes sure that when Pinocchio lies, his nose grows. She later appears near the end of the movie to made Pinocchio a true boy after meeting the criteria she had mentioned before.

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