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The Blobmob is an Unversed which appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. They start off at a large size, and when one is defeated with physical attacks, it will split in half over and over until there are eight tiny Blobmobs total.

The Blobmob was originally designed as a boss in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, but this was scrapped because of problems with boss capacity. It has been recycled as a normal enemy, but it still relinquishes a large amount of experience.[1]


A Blobmob is an odd Unversed with a large, translucent blue dome connected to the top of its head. This dome is covered in short, dark blue spikes and its rim is lined by larger, light green spikes. Inside the dome, several balls of various colors, including blue, cyan, orange, and green, are visible. Four blue, tentacle-like protrusions with light green tips hang down from the dome. The Unversed’s head hangs down from the center of the dome’s underside. It is black and enveloped in a translucent, blue membrane. Its red eyes are set in a sorrowful expression. The Blobmob's ability to split into smaller versions of itself is reminiscent of cell division. The Unversed insignia is on the back of its head.

Its name represents its gelatinous body and its ability to multiply, thus making a small "mob" of enemies

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, the Blobmob is given a recoloration with a light pink body, yellow spikes and its rims are lined by a yellow and blue pattern.


A Blobmob, while not difficult to defeat, takes patience to fight. It has two main attacks. One where it grows spikes and spins, charging at the player; when it's at full size, it can also either shoot lasers from its legs, or grow its legs to whack the player.

Similar to a Sheltering Zone, defeating it will cause it to separate into smaller and smaller versions of itself, a total of eight miniatures. Wide-range Magic, such as Magnet, Mega Flare and Zero Gravity can be used to defeat them faster. An important thing to note is that the Blobmob does not multiply if it is frozen, so using ice-based Commands will aid in its defeat.


  • Spike Spin: Creates spikes on its body and spins around, damaging the player.
  • Clone: Divides into smaller Blobmobs if attacked multiple times.
  • Shoot: Shoot a liquid shot at players, one from each of its leg.
  • Leg Whack: Grows its legs and spins rapidly, causing major damage if successful.

Notes and references

  1. Yoichi Yoshimoto: "The Jelly Ball was a boss we had to scrap because of capacity. Because it was a waste, we remade it as a normal enemy. They give an excessive amount of experience, which is a leftover from that."

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