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The Blizzagun Armlet is a type of armor found in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.


The Blizzagun Armlet is a predominantly silver piece of jewelry. It is made of numerous, round segments, all but one being adorned with two, small, black crescent shapes. The three central segments are larger and connected by short rods.

Each one is adorned with a blue, diamond-shaped gem, with the middle segment's being the largest. A small extension tipped with a blue gem hangs from all three segments, with the one in the center being roughly twice as large as the other two. The middle segment has four short spikes made of blue crystal; two on its top half, and two on its underside.


Kingdom Hearts II

The Blizzagun Armlet can be synthesized through Free Development once five types of materials are obtained. It is a rank C synthesis item that provides 15 EXP, and is an upgrade of the Blizzaga Armlet recipe.

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