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"Blaze of Glory" is a pair of Chakrams that can be wielded by Axel in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to "Blaze of Glory+" and "Blaze of Glory++."


A Blaze of Glory Chakram's main wheel is split into two equal halves, both of which are black with a red line through the center. The two halves are connected by the silver handle, which is cross-shaped. Each half has four black spikes with red edges and the same arrowhead-like design as the spikes on the Nobody logo. All of these spikes slant in the same direction.


The Blaze of Glory Chakrams are great weapons for long ground combos and swift attacks. The ground combo is very long and can end in multiple ways. Axel first will make two basic strikes with his Chakrams; he then will have the chance to execute a Y-Combo. If he does not, the combo will end with more strikes and a slash from below going upwards. If the player does execute the Y-Combo, Axel will swing his Chakrams upward in an uppercut-like fashion. He then shall be presented with another chance for a Y-Combo. If the player does not take this, the combo will end. If the player does execute this additional Y-Combo, Axel will throw his chakrams in an uppercut-like fashion.

The aerial combo is very similar to the ground combo. Axel executes many slashes and then throws his Chakrams around himself in a circle.

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