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A Blaster

The Blaster is an enemy that appears in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. These enemies appear in Deep Space, and are merely laser guns embedded into the walls of the Grand Councilwoman's spaceship.


When Gantu locks Experiment 626 in prison, twin blasters are aimed and locked onto 626's genetic signature to keep him in place. Realising the blasters are locked onto his genetics, Experiment 626 spits at the wall. The blasters follow his spit and shoot a hole in the wall, through which 626 escapes.

As 626 makes his escape, the twin blasters attempt to hit him, but miss.


The Blaster has three parts; a wall mount, a pivot, and a barrel. The three are a light brown color, with darker brown lines running through them. The ends of the segments attaching them to each other is a dark blue color. The barrel itself is white, which shoots green lasers.

The Blaster in Experiment 626's prison is a different color; mainly a dark green. It is separated into two parts, though it shoots the same color laser. A marking is on the bottom half, and the two halves are connected by several wires.


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