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Bladecharge is a Level 2 Command Style that can be used by Terra and Aqua in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It is activated by using Fire-based, Blizzard-based, or Strike Deck Commands

In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, it is a Dual Link usable by Riku When linked with a Physical/Light Dream Eater and Physical/Light Dream Eater, Physical/Light and Fire Dream Eaters, Physical/Light and Dark Dream Eaters, Fire and Fire Dream Eaters, Fire and Lightning Dream Eaters, or Water and Lighning Dream Eaters.


While using Bladecharge, Terra, Aqua, or Riku's Keyblade is enveloped in powerful energy, fashioned into the shape of a longsword, and the user's fighting style changes to utilizes arcing and sweeping attacks to take advantage of greatly increased range and power with the combo finisher being a spinning attack. The finisher consists of the user thrusting their Keyblade into the air as the energy blade increases in range and proceeds to spin the weapon over their head like a helicopter to sweep away enemies, finishing the attack in an overhead strike.


When using Bladecharge, the user gains a bright purple aura around them. Also, the Keyblade is surrounded by an aura that takes on the shape of a longsword.

Obtaining Bladecharge

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