Black Ballade
Black Ballade
Black Ballade
Black Ballade
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Black Ballade
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Type Emblem Heartless Heartless Emblem
Kana/Kanji ブラックバラード
Romaji Burakku Barādo
French Ballade noire
German Schwarze Ballade
Spanish Balada Negra
Italian Ballata Oscura
Games Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Red Nocturne
Blue Rhapsody
Yellow Opera
Green Requiem
Silver Rock
Emerald Blues
Crimson Jazz
Spring Metal
Scarlet Tango

Kingdom Hearts

Using the art of multiplying, this Heartless confuses its foes. If you attack any of the copies rather than the real one, it will get a chance to attack back and, eventually, will end up fleeing. But if you keep a good eye on the real one and attack it continuously...
Before Rescue After
HP 80 80
Attack 12 12
Defense 11 11
MP Recovery 17 17
EXP 20 20
Weapon Fire Bliz. Thndr.
x0 x0 x0 x0
Gravity Stop KO Other
x0 x0 x0 x0
1, 2, and 3 correct hits: (1) HP ball x 5, (1) Munny x 10, Thunder Stone (10%)
4 correct hits: (2) MP balls x 20, (15) MP ball x 10, Thunder Stone (100%)
Deep Jungle



The Black Ballade is an Emblem Heartless that is found exclusively in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.


Black Ballade is only found in the Bamboo Thicket of Deep Jungle.


A Black Ballade, true to its name, has a smooth, conical, black body with a Heartless emblem emblazoned on its chest. The top of its body flares outward and forms a jagged "collar" below the Heartless’s spherical, pitch black head. It also wears a conical, dark red hat with a jagged brim, white stripes decorating it, a silver band around it, and a thin, curled tip. Like many Heartless, the Black Ballade has glowing yellow eyes. Its seemingly useless feet sport three small, thin toes.

Like many Heartless in its family, the Black Ballade's name is comprised of a color, in this case, black—and a musical term—in this case, a "ballade", a one-movement musical piece with lyrical and dramatic narrative qualities.


When battling a Black Ballade, the player must watch it split into five. From those, the player then must find the one that jumps, indicating that it is the real one. Attacking otherwise will lead to a shock that can be avoided with a well-timed Dodge Roll. To keep track of the Black Ballades more easily, one can repeatedly pause and un-pause the game. Black Ballades are the only Heartless in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix to drop a Lightning Stone.

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