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The Beast is a recurring character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He plays a major role in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II as an ally to Sora and his friends.

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The Beast was originally a very spoiled, selfish, cruel, and unloving prince. However, in the Kingdom Hearts series he is shown at a later stage in his relationship with Belle, with most of his uncomplimentary traits remedied. The Beast is still prone to lashing out in anger, especially when provoked by characters like Maleficent or Xaldin. But beneath his rough exterior beats a true heart of gold, which Belle has worked to bring out so that everyone can see how beautiful a person the Beast really is.

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The Beast's appearance is a combination of physical characteristics from various wild animals, including a wild boar, wolf, buffalo, bear, gorilla and lion. He often wears a torn purple cape and dark blue pants. When dressed up, he ties his hair back with a blue bow, and wears a blue and yellow jacket, an orange vest, and black pants. He is mostly shown hunched, except when he is in his formal dress.

When in his human form, Prince Adam has shoulder-length red hair. He dons the same formal suit he wore as the Beast, tailored to fit him; he also wears brown boots. The only striking similarity between Prince Adam and his beastly alter ego is his blue eyes.

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Kingdom Hearts

Beast's stats are very high, which is fitting as he is Sora's ally in Hollow Bastion, the final world, when Sora is incapable of fighting on his own. His attack and defense are just as high as Sora's, and he has decent MP and high HP. Beast's abilities increase his physical prowess even more, and he attacks using tackles, charges and his claws. He has one equipment slot and eight item slots. Beast's abilities are as follows:

  • Ferocious Lunge: Charges forward and tackles enemies.
  • Furious Bellow: Roars to attack nearby enemies.
  • Berserk: Boosts attack power when HP is critical.
  • MP Rage: Restores MP when attacked. Beast has this ability twice.
  • Second Wind: Recovers from KO quickly.
  • Second Chance: Ensures 1 HP is retained after being hit with a critical attack.
  • Critical Plus: Increases chance of landing a critical hit.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories


Beast leaps foward, Air-Tossing enemies an dealing damage over time as he moves foward, he deals Neutral-type damage.

  • Ferocious Lunge Lv2- Stock up 2 Beast cards: Damage overtime is increased.
  • Ferocious Lunge Lv3- Stock up 3 Beast cards: Beast will jump to the next enemy Sora is lock on, Crushing the area where it lands, dealing Gravity-elemental damage and Rushing foward. Beast damage initially will not kill enemies, rather, he will leave them at 2/3 of their HP, however enemies at 1/3 of their HP will be instantly killed.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories

  • Furious Volley Lv2- Stock up 2 Beast cards
  • Furious Volley Lv3- Stock up 3 Beast cards

Kingdom Hearts II

As one would expect, Beast is a physical attacker with few abilities, relying on his brute strength to fight with a series of tackling and charging attacks. He has no armor slots, one accessory slot, and four item slots. The Beast's abilities are as follows:

  • Furious Shout: Roars to attack nearby enemies.
  • Ferocious Rush: Charges forward and tackles enemies.
  • Item Boost: Boosts the effectiveness of healing items like Potions.
  • Defender: Increases defense when HP is critical.
  • Second Chance: Ensures 1 HP is retained after being hit with a critical attack.
  • Auto Limit: Sets the Reaction command to Limit, if a Limit has been equipped.
  • Hyper Healing: Quickly revives a fallen party member and restores their HP.
  • Howling Moon: The Limit Twin Howl becomes available. Sora and Beast attack enemies from all sides with blast-like moves.

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The Beast is based on his appearance in Walt Disney's 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast, which was in turn inspired by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's La Belle et la Bête, published in 1756. However, the Beast's character has made various appearances in hundreds of incarnations of the Beauty and the Beast story. In this adaptation of the story, the Beast starts out as arguably an evil villain, callously imprisoning Belle's father, Maurice, in his dungeon solely for wandering into the castle for help.

Belle offers to replace Maurice with herself and the Beast accepts. The Beast treats Belle with nothing but contempt at first, but gradually begins to warm up to her with the help from his servants and eventually the two fall in love. The Beast is killed at the film's climax by a rival suitor for Belle, Gaston, but after Gaston is killed in return, Belle's love for the Beast breaks the spell on him and transforms into Prince Adam again.

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  • Beast's Japanese voice actor, Kôichi Yamadera, also provides the voices of Donald Duck, Mushu, and Sebastian in Kingdom Hearts. He reprised the same roles, in addition to Genie and Stitch in Kingdom Hearts II, and Jaq in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
  • He is the only party member who has been a temporary party member in more than one world throughout the series. He was a temporary party member in Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and was a party member in Beast's Castle in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Beast is the only Disney party member, outside of Donald and Goofy, who has the distinction of having participated in direct battles against Organization XIII (and even helping destroy one). The first is against Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, and the second is against Xaldin in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • One of Beast's abilities, Howling Moon, shares its name with one of Red XIII's Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII.
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