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This article is about Baymax. You may be looking for Dark Baymax.

Baymax 2.0, simply referred to as Baymax, is an ally in Kingdom Hearts III.

He is a personal healthcare companion originally designed by Tadashi Hamada. After the original Baymax was lost, Tadashi's younger brother, Hiro Hamada, remade him and upgraded him to "Baymax 2.0."

Baymax is part of Big Hero 6, along with Hiro Hamada, Fred, Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon, and Wasabi.


As he was designed to be, Baymax has a kind and caring personality towards all humans, especially those he deems to be in need of his care. Despite his extensive medical knowledge, Baymax is rather childlike in his responses, tending to become easily distracted and slow to process situations outside of medical care.

Physical Appearance

Baymax is a white inflatable robot with a metal endoskeletion. He has large black eyes, long arms, and rather short legs. When patrolling San Fransokyo or in battle, Baymax dons a purple and red armor with a red helmet and wings. This suit was designed by Hiro.


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Baymax originally appeared as a main character in the animated Disney film Big Hero 6.

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