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Basic Model is a Sitar that can be wielded by Demyx in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is Demyx's basic weapon.


The headstock of the Basic Model is wide and has a crescent shape. It is dark grey with grey edges. The neck of the guitar is dark grey, thin, and has grey edges. The body of this sitar has a vague hour glass shape, with a large, semi-circular notch taken out of each side. It is predominantly dark grey and has thick, grey edges. Two thin, grey diamonds are present at the base of the sitar's body, just below where the three, white strings attach.

The Basic Model's name simply refers to the fact that it is the most basic Sitar Demyx can wield. It also references that when a student begins playing an instrument, they are usually not given an expensive or high class model.


Basic Model's ground combo starts with Demyx performing a 360-degree spinning diagonal slash with the tip of the Sitar, followed by the same attack, but in the opposite direction. The combo ends with another 360-degree spinning attack, after which, Demyx strums the Sitar, emitting a yellow shockwave which damages any enemies around him.

The aerial combo consists of a downward diagonal slash with the tip of the Sitar, followed by a thrust upward, and ends with a blast of three yellow shockwaves forwards. This weapon has no Y-Combo.

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