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Barnyard Sports is a minigame included in Kingdom Hearts III.


Kingdom Hearts III

Go to Arendelle, in the Lower Tier of The Labyrinth of Ice, turn both Flowmotion points once each. From the Save Point, head down the South East tunnel and you will find a large Treasure Chest containing Barnyard Sports.


"Challenge Mickey to track and field events!"


100 Meters
Alternate between pressing Circle and Triangle to run as fast as you can!

Alternate between Circle and Triangle to run. Leap each hurdle by pressing Up !

Triple Jump
Alternate between Circle and Triangle to run, then press Up to perform the first jump. For the second and third jumps, wait for the gauge to reach the JUMP! indicator before you press Up .


Barnyard Sports is based on Walt Disney's 1932 animated short "Barnyard Olympics".

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