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The Bandit is an Emblem Heartless that is found throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.


The Bandit boasts a bright white turban and matching face mask, a purple vest trimmed in gold, purple pants with plum and silver trim that is held in place with a salmon-colored sash, blue curled-toe shoes, and a plum and silver choker, and set of armbands. They also wear lots of gold and silver rings and bracelets, perhaps showing off the spoils they have plundered. Their large gold-hilted swords resemble classic scimitars.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Bandits are dressed in yellow and dark reds instead of purple and blue, a color scheme mirrored by their successors in Kingdom Hearts II, the Luna Bandits.

The Bandit's name references the Heartless's resemblance to Arabian thugs. Historically, bandits were outlaws that would commit crimes such as robbery or murder.


The Bandit can be a somewhat tricky enemy to beat due to it throwing itself at you. This can be dodged, but as they tend to appear in groups it is difficult to know which one will attack and to dodge accordingly. Physical attacks are the best choice especially if their attack is blocked. Magic can also be a better choice when confronting a crowd.

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