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Balloon Glider (バルーングライダー Barūn Guraidā?) is the second playable mini-game found in the 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.


After helping Rabbit sort out his vegetable garden, Sora and Winnie the Pooh continue onward in search of Pooh's friends. They come across the Hunny Tree, at the base of which rests a log with three balloons attached to it.

After some consideration, the two decide to set off up the tree using the balloons. Once the mini-game has been completed, they encounter Owl at the top of the Hunny Tree, who returns to the base of the tree with the pair to discuss the situation of Pooh's missing friends.


Reach the top of the tree with as many balloons as possible intact whilst simultaneously collecting as many honey droplets as can be obtained.


Sora will have to go to the Hunny Tree and come near the few balloons tied to a log to play this game. Sora and Pooh float up the Hunny Tree together using the balloons to obtain as many honey droplets as they can. Occasionally, the pair will come across honey bees flying in a set trajectory.

Physical contact with a group of honey bees causes one balloon to be lost, so it is imperative to avoid colliding with them. However, a collision with a swarm of bees also causes the bees to disappear from the mini-game. Contact with a branch of the Hunny Tree can also cause the loss of a balloon.

At set locations up the tree, balloons can be found floating in the air. The maximum number of balloons that it is possible to have at one moment is three. If all the balloons are lost, the mini-game will conclude. The mini-game is completed when the top of the Hunny Tree has been reached.




  • Unlike in Kingdom Hearts, use of the left analog stick is possible in this mini-game.