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Bald Mountain is the area in the End of the World where you fight Chernabog. You can fly in this area and you can drop into the crater to proceed. Once you enter the crater at the bottom there will be an entrance to a tunnel that leads to the cave of Final Rest where the Door to Darkness is located.

On the way through the tunnel, remnants from different worlds can be seen attached to the walls such as, trees and small towers from Sleeping Beauty, the horrific trees and the front door of the Dwarves' house from Snow White, stone tapestries from Cinderella, and Beast's Castle is seen in a small sphere attached to the wall. Though Bald Mountain appeared in Fantasia and Chernabog was a resident of it, it is unknown what role it really plays for the Kingdom Hearts series besides leading to the Final Rest.


  • In the Green Room in the Traverse Town hotel, you can see a painting called Bald Mountain: 7:00 A.M. - this is a likely reference to Bald Mountain in the End of the World.
  • If you wish to get out of Bald Mountain you need to fly up until you reach the World Terminus
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