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The Bad Guy Breaker (バッドガイブレイカー Baddo Gai Bureikā?) is a Keychain for Player's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts Union χ. It is obtained by completing Story Quest 880: The Large Man. It was the first keyblade to apply multipliers to Medals regardless whether they are Upright or Reversed.[1]


The name "Bad Guy Breaker" likely alludes to the fact that the Keychain is obtained after defeating Wreck-It Ralph, who is a Bad Guy in his world. All forms of the keyblade feature a golden hammer on the hilt and a large fist breaking out of the top of the blade to make the teeth, referencing Fix-It Felix Jr. and Wreck-It Ralph respectively.

Base Form

The shape of this form references the architecture of Niceland, the world in which it is obtained. Together the hilt and blade resemble a stone block tower with a columned portico and colonnade. The teeth are made by a fist and debris breaking out of the blade. The Keychain is a gold medal attached with a blue ribbon. Upon close inspection the medal appears to have text, most likely the word "hero".

+15 Form

This form takes on the appearance of the Cy-Bug Sector, where its required upgrade material is found. The building made by the hilt and blade is black and angular with blue and red markings resembling lights. The teeth bear lightning bolts on either side. The Keychain is the same as the base form.

+31 Form

This form takes on the appearance of the Candy Kingdom, where its required upgrade material is found. Orange filigree connects the hilt to the blade, at the base of which is a trophy. The blade is a green pole with brown and white swirls topped by an ice cream scoop. The teeth are surrounded by a spray of chocolate. The Keychain is a heart cookie with green frosting attached by a pink ribbon, a reference to the 'medal' Vanellope von Schweetz gave to Wreck-It Ralph.

+35 Form

The +35 form is identical to +31, save for the green and yellow stars and lights given off by the keyblade.


Bad Guy Breaker is a three attribute keyblade that is more powerful than its predecessors both in terms of multipliers and because of the versatility provided by ignoring Upright and Reversed attributes. It is upgraded with Speed, Magic, and Power Gems, as well as Trophies obtained through Story Quests. To upgrade the Bad Guy Breaker to level 50 requires a total of 405 of each Gem type.

Keyblade Level Up

Level Slot 1


Slot 2


Slot 3


Slot 4


Slot 5


Friend Requirement Obtained
0 x1.10 x1.10 x1.10 x1.10 x1.10 x1.060 Complete Quest 880: The Large Man
+5 x1.40 x2.20 x1.50 x2.00 x2.50 x1.552 Trophy (Niceland) Complete Quest 880: The Large Man without having to continue.
+10 x1.60 x2.50 x2.00 x2.50 x2.80 x1.768 Trophy (Niceland) Complete Quest 885: Where's Ralph? Pt. 5 without having to continue.
+15 x1.80 x2.65 x2.30 x2.90 x3.00 x1.918 Trophy (Cy-Bug Sector) Complete Quest 890: Where's Ralph? Pt. 10 without having to continue.
+20 x1.90 x2.75 x2.75 x3.05 x3.25 x2.044 Trophy (Cy-Bug Sector) Complete Quest 895: Ralph! Pt. 3 without having to continue.
+25 x2.00 x2.87 x3.25 x3.20 x3.50 x2.178 Trophy (Cy-Bug Sector) Complete Quest 900: Darkling Distress Pt. 2 without having to continue.
+30 x2.05 x2.91 x3.55 x3.27 x3.80 x2.270 Trophy (Cy-Bug Sector) Complete Quest 905: The Threat without having to continue.
+31 x2.05 x2.91 x3.55 x3.27 x3.80 x2.270 Trophy (Candy Kingdom) Complete Quest 915: The Search Continues Pt. 5 without having to continue.
+35 x2.11 x2.93 x3.62 x3.38 x3.85 x2.307
+50 x2.20 x3.00 x3.80 x3.60 x4.00 x2.392


Notes and References

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