Ava is a Keyblade Master who appears in Kingdom Hearts χ. She is a Foreteller and the leader of the Vulpes Union. She is also an apprentice of the Master of Masters and the founder of the Dandelions.

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Cunning as a fox, this fearsome foreteller boasts boosted stats all around. She also drops plentiful attack prizes, so use your special attacks to claim victory!

Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover

One of the Master's disciples who receives a copy of the Book of Prophecies.

Despite being a Keyblade Master, she is often treated as a friend by other wielders due to her age. She is the leader of the Union Vulpes.

Her role is to find exceptional Keyblade wielders regardless of Union and create her own organization.

Physical appearance


Like the other foretellers, Ava wields a stylized Keyblade.

Her fighting style primarily revolves around white magic and illusions, as seen when she is capable of healing people who have severe injuries, such as when Gula was nearly killed by Aced.


Before Kingdom Hearts χ

The Master of Masters assigns Ava her role.

Kingdom Hearts χ[chi]

Kingdom Hearts III

When Luxu/Xigbar recalls the Foretellers after Master Xehanort's demise, Ava is not among them. Luxu explains Ava did not come because she fulfilled her role.


Ava's name was part of the Latin word Avarita, which means greed. 

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