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Template:InfoCharacter Auron is a character in Kingdom Hearts II, originally from Final Fantasy X. He is voiced by Matt McKenzie. Auron is the only Final Fantasy character to join Sora's party,

Journal Entry

"A warrior that Hades called forth from the Underworld.

In exchange for his freedom, Auron was commanded to defeat Hercules.But he refused to work with Hades, saying,"this is my story."

He doesn't talk much about himself very much.What sort of story has he written thus far?"

Kingdom Hearts II

Hades becomes increasingly frustrated in his attempts to defeat Hercules, since the hero kills every opponent the Lord of the Dead throws at him. At Pete's suggestion that he "Send somebody already dead and save him the trouble," Hades decideds to bring out the "mother of all bad guys." He goes to the deepest dungeon in the Underworld and summons Auron, offering to let him out if he kills Hercules. Auron declines and insults the him, derisively telling him that "This is my story, and you're not part of it." Hades, in a rage, attacks him just as Sora comes in, and the group escapes, battling legions of Heartless and Cerberus along the way. The dead warrior tells the Keyblade master that it seems they were fated to meet, and asks if he needs a guardian (a reference to his origins in Final Fantasy X). Sora politely declines and leaves.

Sometime later, Hades seals Auron's free will into a statue and forces him to fight Hercules. But once again, Sora comes through and reclaims his soul, and the four of them defeat Hades. Later, Auron repays Sora by giving him the Guardian Soul Keyblade.

Auron is seen during the credits fading back into pyreflies, the essence of a person's soul in Final Fantasy X.

Even if he looks younger, he's still the good samurai that features in Final Fantasy X. He uses astonishing strength and agility when figthing, similar but no lesser than Aladdin. His special, Bushido, is named after his Overdrive in Final Fantasy X. He is the only guest character who has enough AP to activate all of his abilities at once.

Limit Commands

AP cost: 30
Auto Limit auto equipped: Yes
MP cost: All
Ability: Overdrive
Combo Starter: Bushido
Combo: Shooting Star/Banishing Blade/Dragon Fang
Combo Finisher: Tornado
Command Triggers: "Attack" is replaced with Shooting Star and the reactions "Banishing Blade" and "Spiral" appear in that order.

Skill Set Description

Description: A circular shockwave spreads outwards and and damages all foes in range.

Banishing Blade
Description: Auron leaps onto the enemies and delivers a flurry of sword strikes.

Dragon Fang
Description: Auron leaps and impales his sword into the ground, releasing a circular spirit flames that damages all foes in range.

Shooting Star
Description: Auron launches Sora high into the air, resulting in a powerful spin that disintegrates air borne enemies.

Description: Sora and Auron's combined finisher. The duo clashe weapons and spin rapidly in the air to create a spiralling gust of wind similiar to Auron's final overdrive in Final Fantasy X.


  • The lines Sora hears after touching Auron's statue are lines Auron spoke during his past before Final Fantasy X, re-recorded for Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Many speculate that this Auron is the Auron from Final Fantasy X, albeit younger. This is based on:

1) the lines heard after Sora takes the Auron statue,

2) him referencing his previous profession (a guardian of Yuna in Final Fantasy X), and

3) him turning into pyreflies (a phenomenon occuring in/connected to Spira).

  • Auron's constant taunt at Hades "this is my story..." is derived from Final Fantasy X as well. It is a comment that Tidus - featured in the original Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy X - would also make.
  • Although the "nog" bottle is missing from Auron's outfit, it is present as an ornament on the keyblade "Guardian Soul"
  • All of Auron's Limit commands are the names of his various Overdrives in Final Fantasy X, save Spiral, which is based off of Tornado, his final overdrive. Spiral may be a reference to the Spiral of death Spira is caught in during the game, or simply to a tornadoe's resemblence to a spiral.


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