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"Aubade" is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Roxas and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.


The main structure of the Aubade is a chokutō with a black handle, gold pommel, and gold rain guard. The Keyblade's guard is split into an upper and lower half. Both halves are gold and lined with spikes, but the spikes are more prominent on the upper half. The teeth of the Keyblade are comprised by a gold semi-circle with a turquoise center that is lined by long, gold spikes; the teeth connect to the main blade by a Nobody symbol. The Keychain token is shaped like a diamond lined by short spikes. Its upper half is gold and its lower half is turquoise, and there is a large, "X"-shaped gap in the center of the token. The gold sections of the weapon resemble flashes of light, while the turquoise sections are reminiscent of green flashes.

An "Aubade" is a song or poem evoking dawn which is traditionally a love song of two lovers parting in the morning. While not fully romantic in nature, the most defining aspects of Roxas's personality occur in Twilight Town: after leaving the Organization, he travels to Twilight Town; there, he encounters and is forced to defeat his close friend Xion, destroying her and giving up even his memories of her.


The ground combo of this Keyblade begins with a diagonal upward slash from the right leg, followed by a horizontal slash to the right, and ends with a rush forward and a spinning slash on the right side. The combo can be extended by pressing Y which causes the player to jump into the air and perform a spinning slash.

The aerial combo of this Keyblade starts with the same slash as the ground combo, followed by a rush forward, a lean to the right with a spinning slash, and ends with the same spinning slash except leaning on the left side.


  • The names of Roxas's weapons generally refer to either the pain of parting and loneliness, or light phenomena. The Aubade is the only weapon to do both.
  • The Aubade's swing speed is much faster than that of Roxas's other Keyblades.
  • The center of Aubade is a katana, a Japanese sword worn by samurai in the Muromachi period of feudal Japan. This Keyblade is a direct reference to not only Roxas's Samurai Nobodies but also to his true nature being similar to the serious and honorable actions of the samurai in ancient Japan.


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