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The Attraction Flow (アトラクションフロー Atorakushon Furō?) are a gameplay element system in Kingdom Hearts III. This gameplay system is an evolution of the Flowmotion technique first introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

It allows Sora to use of imposing means of transportation, such as the Pirate Ship, which is inspired by one of the Disney theme parks attractions, to use new weapons and change the fighting style.

List of Attractions

  • Big Magic Mountain (Mountain Coaster)
    • Commands: Ride Light, Jump Dodge, Finish, Chimney Flare, Get Off
  • Pirate Ship
    • Commands: Roll Slash, Jump Off
  • Mad Tea Cups (Spinning Cups)
    • Commands: Cup Slide, Cancel
  • Blaster Blaze (Shooting Ride)
    • Commands: Blaster, Thruster Boost, Finish, Cancel
  • Splash Run (Splash Ride)
    • Commands: Jump, Cancel
  • Magic Carousel (Merry-Go-Round)
    • Commands: Sound Wave, Finish