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Attack Haste is an ability from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix that decreases the reload time of Attack Commands. The ability can be stacked up to five times, greatly decreasing the reload times of the attack commands in your command deck. It can be acquired through Command Meld, by using a Fleeting Crystal when melding certain commands together. It also appears in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories as a Keyblade ability, increasing the speed of Attack.

Learning Attack Haste

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

You get it by using the Card Soldier enemy card. And in Chain of Memories, you can preform a pretty long combo by backing the enemy up to the edge of the screen. Since the combo system in Chain of Memories is a formula that revolves around how far away you are from the enemy, different Attack Hastes will occur:

Very close to foe: Strike-Thrust-Finish. This combo is performed with each hit the enemy got knocked back farther away, then lead to the finish strike.

Mid-range: Thrust-Strike-Finish. You close in the distance between you and the enemy with a thrust, activating the strike by being very close, then using the finish on the third hit.

If you back the enemy into a wall, they cannot flinch back: therefore, you use the strike over and over. By using Attack Haste, you make the enemy flinch so fast they can't play any cards.

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