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"Atlas of Omens" is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to "Atlas of Omens+."


Atlas of Omens is a fair bit wider than Zexion's other Lexicons (to reach a wide area), and the cover has an arrowhead-like shape. The cover is orange with a black border and a fleur de lis pattern sprouting from the tip. Two black lines coming inward from the spine of the book curve slightly at the tips. The spine of this Lexicon sports two white arrowhead shapes. Except for different coloration, this Lexicon is identical to the Untitled Writings.

An "atlas" is an encyclopedia of maps or any illustrations on any subject. An "omen" is a foreboding sign, a synonym of "harbinger". An "anthology" is a collection of literary works.


The Atlas of Omen's ground combo begins with Zexion placing the Lexicon on the ground, slamming it closed on enemies, followed by a leftward or rightward swipe. At this point, a spear-like weapon extends from the Lexicon's pages, using a final thrust forward as the finisher. If Y is pressed while pressing a directional button, the illusion spear appears from the Lexicon, spinning clockwise twice over Zexion as he ducks.

The Atlas of Omen's aerial combo is short, consisting of two slashes from the bottom left to top right and a spinning forward throw.

When Atlas of Omens contacts an enemy, purple star bursts and yellow semicircles appear.

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