Assault of the Dreadnought
Katakana アサルト・オブ・ザ・ドレッドノート
Path Hollow Bastion/Disney CastleTwilight Town

Kingdom Hearts II tracks
Field theme - Battleship Bravery
Battleship Bravery
Rank Medals Reward
S 30 Mushroom Model
A 26 Vortex-G
B 22 Big Bridge-G
C 18 Excalibur-G
D 14 Meteor-G
E 10 Cost Converter
Enemy Screen Reward

N/A N/A Cost Limit Upgrade
Cruiser Front Firaga-G
Cruiser Front Big Bridge-G
Speeder (R) Front Graviga-G
Speeder (R) Front Meteor-G
Cruiser Front Angel-G
Cruiser Front Large Rotor-G
Cruiser Front Firaga-G
Phoenix (G) Front Angel-G
Speeder (R) Front Blizzaga-G
Core Front 20 Material-G
Rank Score Reward
S 650 Fenrir Model
A 560 Square Light-G
B 470 Vortex-G
C 380 Large Shell-G
D 290 Auto-Regen
E 200 Drain-G
Rank Score Reward
S 1000000 Big Bridge-G
A 900000 Darkness-G
B 800000 Angel-G
C 700000 Meteor-G
D 600000 Graviga-G
E 500000 Firaga-G

Assault of the Dreadnought is the final Gummi Mission available in Kingdom Hearts II. Upon completion the first time through, it re-opens Twilight Town for regular gameplay and to reach the final world in the game.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the EX S mission requirements are:

  • Mission 1: Gummi ship must have at least two Ultima weapons.
  • Mission 2: Main Gummi ship must fit in a 3 x 3 box.
  • Mission 3: Gummi ship must have a Drain weapon.





  • Assault of the Dreadnought seems to pay homage to the Star Wars Universe, alongside the Twilight Town characters Biggs and Wedge, namely referencing the assault of the Death Star in Episodes IV and VI. The ship itself could be seen as a reference to the Star Wars assault ship named the "Dreadnought," which would often be a core ship leading a group of other starships to assault a planet, as the Organization seems to be doing to Twilight Town.
  • Assault of the Dreadnought most likely got its name from the massive airship used by The Emperor in Final Fantasy II, which has since then been reused in various Final Fantasy installments.
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