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(It's a chinese warrior fused with a chinese horse, like the battleship Heartless.)
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The Assault Rider (アサルトライダー Asaruto Raidā?) is a Heartless from Kingdom Hearts II. It appears primarily in The Land of Dragons. They have a centaur-like structure, and wield a large spear as their weapon. Getting close in can really take a chunk out of Sora and friends' HP, so long-range magic is less dangerous. Although they have powerful attacks, they won't attack unless they are in range at the beginning of the battle or are provoked. These Heartless get especially fast when their HP gets low!

Journal Entry

Avoid getting hit with its spear by using the well-guarded Jump attack to defeat it.

When HP gets low, its attacks begin to get bold. Use big attacks to defeat it before it uses its explosive attack.


Earlier in the game, when you don't have too much in the way of abilities and/or Keyblades, keep a distance and pelt him with magic, preferably Thunder if available, or else use Blizzard. An alternative is to simply go to town with Valor Form, hammering the Assault Rider with as many combos as you can before reverting.

Later (i.e. the second time you arrive), use Master Form along with Wishing Lamp and Follow the Wind, attacking with combos and powerful magic such as Thundara/Thundaga and Blizzara/Blizzaga. When it starts getting a bit adventurous with its attacks, feel free to use a tier of Reflect if necessary.



  • Slash Out: Rears up then swings weapon
  • Thrust: Jabs weapon forward
  • Assault: Rushing body blow
  • Flourish: Windmill spin with weapon
  • Explosion: Creates explosion in front


  • The Assault Rider was originally intended to be included in Kingdom Hearts, but was cut out as no world really "fit well" with it.
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