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The Armored Knight is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts II and in Kingdom Hearts χ.


An Armored Knight, true to its name, is a very thin, humanoid Heartless clad from head to toe in black, grey, and silver armor. Its spherical, pitch-black head and glowing, yellow eyes are visible in its helmet, and there are two red spirals decorating its visor. It also carries a sword with a gold guard and handle. Its Heartless emblem is on its abdomen.

The Armored Knight's name is a direct reference to its appearance, which is reminiscent of armor-clad knights.


They have very low HP, and their Reaction Command, Rising Sun, is very powerful. However, they do tend to swarm in large numbers. Use the Reaction Command to easily defeat them.

Reaction Commands
  • Rising Sun: Sora will rise into the air, then soar through the Knight. You can use this move five times consecutively without touching the ground, and it can be used against other enemies once it has been started.

Stats & Abilities

  • Tripping Slash: Lunging sword attack
  • Spin Rush: Horizontal spin attack
  • Jump Rush: Jumping sword thrust