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The Armor of the Master is a boss exclusive to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It is a data simulation of Master Eraqus in his Keyblade Armor, and is fought within the "Mentor of Light" battle in the Mirage Arena. It wields the Master Keeper in battle.


The Armor of the Master is a sentient suit of Keyblade Armor that wields Master Eraqus's Keyblade in battle. Its torso is covered of dull, faded green armor and sports a small Mark of Mastery symbol in its center. The rest of the armor on its arms, legs, and chest are predominantly bronze and silver. Its pointed, armored boots are black and gold and its upper arms and thighs have wide, supplementary armor with gold edges coving them. The Armor of the Master's helmet is silver with a gold chin and a Mark of Mastery symbol of the same color adorning its forehead. The helmet is also decorated by three long, thin, silver pikes on its top and sides. Its hands and neck are covered by a black material.

The Armor of the Master's name reflects how it is apparently the Keyblade Armor of Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's master, Eraqus.


As the boss is the sentient Keyblade Armor of Master Eraqus, it possesses and will utilize some, if not all of Master Eraqus's attacks as well as a few light-based attacks of its own. It can perform fast, potent Keyblade strikes, and if it manages to knock the player into the air, it will surround the player in an orb of light and smash it, dealing large damage. It will also ensnare the player in chains of light, and if successful, will gain a seal on its back. It can use the seal to stun the player, leaving him or her open to more attacks. Like Master Eraqus, the boss will create five fiery pillars which will follow the player around before disappearing. The boss can perform a dash, which if it connects, will cause more damage. The armor can also shoot orbs of light from its Keyblade, which can be deflected back to damage the boss. It can create rotating lasers of light, but will constantly move the lasers up and down, making them difficult to dodge. It may fire large blades of light at the player, which can also be deflected for damage. Apart from that, depending on the character (Terra, Ven or Aqua) you are playing against it, the boss will use a different Command Style and his desperation moves will change. If played with Terra he will use Critical Impact and in his desperation move uses its light chains to pull a large chunk of the arena up and shoot it with a powerful blast of light. When played with Aqua, the Armor will battle you with Spell Weaver and the desperation move will be to create large, spinning lines of light of different colors that will go around all over the field. Finally if the player uses Ventus to battle the boss, the Armor will use Fever Pitch and will create a big tornado with his chains as the desperation move. All his Command Styles are a faster version than the ones used by the characters and all the desperation moves can be predicted as the boss will fly into the air. Using Mine commands, as well as dark-based commands can help in defeating the boss.


Armor of the Master (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix: Mentor of Light)
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