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The Archraven is an Unversed that is found in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.


An Archraven is, true to its name, a bird-like Unversed with a predominantly black and grey coloration. It does not have legs and instead has a wide, fleur-de-lis-shaped tail. Its body and wings have thin, red patterns decorating them. Its head also sports a five-pointed crest. The Archraven's red eyes are set in a happy expression and the Unversed emblem is emblazoned on its chest.

The Archraven's name refers to the fact that it is modeled after a raven. The term "arch" means to be of a higher level or stature.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, Archraven receives a palette swap which gives them a black body with white patterns. Its head and tail are now silver.


Archravens are not that difficult to defeat, as they are normally docile until approached. It will, however, dive at the player when he or she is too close. There are three techniques one can use to defeat an Archraven.

  • The first method is to wait until it comes down to attack in order to damage it with a combo.
  • The second technique one can attempt is to utilize aerial attacks and swat the Unversed down, paralyzing it.
  • The third technique is to target the Archraven with Shotlock commands, and then when it has fallen, defeat it with a combo.

Also be sure to pick up any uncollected HP orbs, Munny, or D-Link prizes dropped by previously defeated Unversed, as Archravens have a tendency to steal them.


  • Dive: Glows red and dives at the player.
  • Steal: Steals any uncollected orbs.