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"Arcane Compendium" is a Lexicon that can be wielded by Zexion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to "Arcane Compendium+."


The Arcane Compendium lexicon is rectangular with curved corners on the ends of the covers, as well as a concave edge on each cover. Both the top and bottom edges of the spine are also concave. The both covers share a blue, three-pronged symbol superimposed over a yellow ring. The three-pronged symbol is vaguely reminiscent of the three interconnected Nobody symbol design on the front cover of the Book of Retribution. The corners of the spine each sport a slightly curved, blue rectangle, each with a yellow border. The lexicon itself is mostly black and also has a yellow border.

"Arcane" means "obscure” or "understood by few". A compendium is a list or collection of various items.


Arcane Compendium's normal ground combo consists of a slash straight down with the spine up, a sweep from Zexion's upper right to lower left and back, and a wide angled telepathic swing that serves as the finisher. The Y-Combo consists of a sweep from left to right, a wide slash upwards which carries Zexion into the air, and flinging the Arcane Compendium forwards while spinning.

The aerial combo consists of two quick strikes on an angle, and spinning the Arcane Compendium forwards for the finisher.

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