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Apollo, Athena, and Hermes are characters that appear in Kingdom Hearts III.

Physical Appearance


Apollo is a tall, buff man with deep violet skin and even darker shoulder length wavy hair. Similar to Athena, he dons a red Trojan helmet with yellow fur. He has metallic red chest armor covered with a pinkish-red and purple cape that is fastened with a large pin that has a sun etched into it. He wears purple and red cuffs around his wrists and ankles, purple biker shorts with an orange sash tied around his waist and a purple belt with a red jewel in the center, and red sandals. Additionally, he carries a bright yellow sword on his left hip.


Athena is a tall woman with lavender skin. She dons a dark blue Trojan helmet with light blue fur, a similarly colored short-sleeved rob with chest armor over top, and dark blue arm cuffs. She is always seen with her owl and a sword carried on her left hip.


Hermes is small and lean in stature, and has blue skin. He wears a golden helmet donned with white wings, small circular glasses with purple lenses, a short white toga, and blue sandals with white wings that give him the ability to fly. In addition, Hermes carries the Staff of Hermes, a golden staff with wings and intertwining serpents.


Kingdom Hearts III

Apollo, Athena, and Hermes are seen shackled together just before the battle with the Titans.


Apollo, Athena, and Hermes are characters in the film Hercules.