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Apollo is a character that appears in Kingdom Hearts III.

Journal Entries

Kingdom Hearts III

Hercules (1997)

One of the gods of Olympus.


Apollo is seen shackled to Hermes and Athena just before the battle with the Titans.


It is unknown what Apollo's personality is like.

Physical appearance

Apollo is a tall, buff man with deep violet skin and even darker shoulder length wavy hair. Similar to Athena, he dons a red Trojan helmet with yellow fur. He has metallic red chest armor covered with a pinkish-red and purple cape that is fastened with a large pin that has a sun etched into it. He wears purple and red cuffs around his wrists and ankles, purple biker shorts with an orange sash tied around his waist and a purple belt with a red jewel in the center, and red sandals. Additionally, he carries a bright yellow sword on his left hip.


Apollo is a character in the film Hercules. His character is based on the Greek God Apollo.

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