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This article is about the penalty form from Kingdom Hearts II. You may be looking for the boss from Kingdom Hearts, the enemy from Kingdom Hearts, or the Sora's Heartless form from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts coded.
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Anti Form (アンチフォーム Anchi Fōmu?) is a Drive Form which appears in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It uses both party members, and consumes all of Sora's Drive Bars. It represents the darkness that still dwells within Sora's heart[1], and is obtained along with Sora's new clothes at Mysterious Tower.


Unlike other Drive Forms, Anti Form cannot be purposefully activated. Instead, it will be randomly activated when Sora attempts to enter Valor, Wisdom, or Master Form, based on a hidden "Anti Point" counter. This counter is increased by 1 every time Valor, Wisdom, or Master Form is activated, but is reduced by 10 when Final Form is used. Gameplay-wise, the Anti Form exists as a consequence of abusing the Drive system, and is meant to be "strong but troublesome".[2]

However, the counter system is ignored while the Two Become One Keyblade is equipped, as its Light & Dark ability will make it so only Anti Form or Final Form activate when Form is used. Anti Form starts at having a 75% chance of being the activated form when Form is used in this state, but goes down to 50% and then 0%, until Final Form is obtained.

Anti Form can only be manually deactivated outside of battle, though its Drive Gauge caps out at 6, and consuming Drive Orbs will actually cause the gauge to be consumed faster. In addition, though Drive Forms normally persist through cutscenes and Cup seeds, Anti Form will instead revert back to Standard Form. Anti Form is also unique among Forms in that while it possesses the "Anti-Glide" Growth ability, it cannot be leveled and is thus inaccessible in Standard Form. Like Valor Form, Anti Form cannot use magic. It is also not possible to use items. To top it off, Sora cannot pick up HP Balls while in Anti Form, meaning he is completely unable to heal in any way.

(cannot go below 0)
Percent chance
0 0%
1-4 10%
5-9 25%
10+ 40%
Adders & Subtracters
Successfully using Valor, Wisdom or Master Form +1
Using Form when partner is unconscious +0
Gaining a new form (except Final Form) Resets counter to 0
Using Anti Form -4
Using Final Form -10
Mission battle (Command Menu outline is red) x2
Pete, Barbossa, Hades boss battles x0
Battles involving non-party allies (e.g., Hercules, Mickey, etc.) x0
Organization XIII boss battles x5
Game Finale (when possible) x10


Anti Form is strongly reminiscent of the AntiSora Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, and Nomura has confirmed in an interview with Famitsu that Sora's ability to enter this form is due to his transformation into a Shadow.[2]

Specifically, though, Sora's Anti Form has more feral behavior in which it runs about on all fours, and instead of using the Keyblade in this form, Sora attacks with claws on his hands. Aesthetically, Sora's skin and hair become ink black, his eyes glow yellow like a Heartless, and his clothes become black with blue accents. Furthermore, he constantly emits Darkness from his arms and back in the form of misty black and violet wisps.

Costume changes
  • Timeless River: Sora becomes completely black with no detail in clothes, hair, or even his face, only his yellow eyes are seen.
  • Halloween Town: Sora's mask takes the form of a Shadow Heartless' head.
  • Christmas Town: A Heartless emblem appears on Sora's santa hat.
  • Space Paranoids: Sora's armor turns black and the circuits become dark purple.


Attack Description
Scratch On the ground, Sora scratches, rolls forwards and attacks with both hands clasped together.
Kick On the ground, when the enemy is at long range, Sora scratches and repels the enemy with a kick.
Dark Dance On the ground, when numerous enemies are nearby, Sora spin kicks repeatedly.
Chaos Finale With Template:Button during a combo on the ground, Sora blazes in a circle around the enemy, slashing with claws and dark magic.
Wild Dance Combo finish on the ground: Sora moves around the enemy and scratches repeatedly. Impact attack to end.
Flash Combo finish on the ground when numerous enemies are nearby - Sora scratches and repels the enemies to finish the move.
Dark Arts Moving from a ground combo, Sora seems to burst into darkness which rips at the enemy, carrying them into the air, diving down at the end.
Air Dance In the air: uppercut, three kicks, forward moving punch at the end.
Air Wheel During a combo in the air: knee, 8x kicks, somersault kick, scratch.
Anti Strike Combo finish in the air: Sora kicks at high speeds and dives down to the ground at the end, blowing away enemies caught in the combo.
Dark Void Combo finish in the air when numerous enemies are nearby. Dark element magic blasts all around.
Ability Description
Anti-Glide By pressing Template:Button on the ground, Sora jumps backwards, spins around and flies forwards. If there are enemies he will home in on one and move into a position behind them.


If you want higher chances to transform to anti form fight organization XIII with valor,wisdom or master form. If you want lower chances to transform into anti form fight organizasion XIII with final form.


Notes and references

  1. Yen Sid's mirror: "An image of you overcome by the power of darkness flows into your mind."
  2. 2.0 2.1 Famitsu Interview; Interviewer: "Is Anti Form originated from when Sora got turned into a Heartless?" / Nomura: "Story-wise, yes. Drives are very strong so Anti Form exists as a side-effect of using too much power. System-wise, I wanted to create something strong but troublesome."


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