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The Anti-Riku is a dark replica of Riku that can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It appears in the Mission Mode version of Mission 93: Believe, replacing Riku at The World That Never Was.

Physical Appearance

The Anti-Riku, true to its name, is a doppelganger of Riku as he appears in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Its clothing, including the zipper and pull strings on its coat, are entirely black. Its skin and long hair are also very dark in coloration, and it wears a blindfold over its eyes. It also carries a completely black copy of the Oblivion Keyblade.



Anti-Riku does not exist on the games main story, but replaces Riku as a boss in Mission Mode. Just like the Mission 93, after the player evades the Neoshadows that Organization XIII sent, then battles Anti-Riku, who stands in the player's way. After Anti-Riku's defeat, The player's mission is over and they are sent back to the Mission Mode screen.


Anti-Riku uses the same battle techniques as Riku in Story Mode. At the start of this battle, the player should immediately Lock-On to the boss. This should aid the player in keeping track of it, as Anti-Riku is fast. As soon as this is done, the player should attack Anti-Riku from the back. The player will not be able to deal damage if Anti-Riku is attacked from the front, as the boss will utilize Dark Shield and block them. It will then return his attack after the shield disappears. A majority of this battle will be following Anti-Riku around the battlefield in front of Memory's Skyscraper.

When the player gets close to Anti-Riku, it will attempt a series of thrusts with the dark Oblivion Keyblade it wields. Anti-Riku may also launch a Dark Firaga attack if the player is not within close range. One can use proper timing of Guard to deflect this attack. When Anti-Riku's HP starts to diminish, it will begin to utilize a Dark Break-style desperation attack, which can be dodged via Dodge Roll or Glide. Just when Anti-Riku's HP is about to hit zero, it gains access to the Dark Aura ability. When using this attack, Anti-Riku will jet around the battle area, unleashing columns of black flame at the combo's end.

The player can time this attack to when the boss's weapon begins to glow with a white-blue energy. It should be noted that blocking the lunging combos Anti-Riku uses before its blade glows will cause it to stagger, opening it to a brief combo. So long as one heals regularly and utilizes magic and their Limit Break accordingly, Anti-Riku should fall relatively easily.

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