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The Angel Star is an Emblem Heartless that is found in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.


Angel Stars, at first glance, appear to be fragile and weak Heartless. They get their name from their beautiful golden robotic wings, which are formed from two larger lower wings that have two slightly smaller wings attached to the top of them; the whole assembly is kept on with two bright yellow orbs that form the joints.

Their transparent glass bodies form a delicate bell shape, housing a single filament that bears a strong resemblance to the jagged jawlines of other Heartless. It rests on a tapering blue-colored stand which ends in a spike and is decorated with two pale gold rings. The top of the glass is covered with blue cap, on top of which is a tear shaped gold topper; the topper features three shining bright gold dots towards the bottom resembling eyes, and the top end of it is curled in a manner reminiscent of the hats of several other types of Heartless.

The Kingdom Hearts Final Mix version features a different but equally ethereal color scheme, with the wings now in soft blues and purples, the glass body a slightly smoky color, and the end-caps now done in silver and gold.

The former part of the Angel Star's name references the Heartless's almost angel-like appearance. The latter part probably refers to its light magic abilities since stars shines brightly due to them being luminescent.


Angel Stars are one of the enemies in the End of the World. Angel Stars shoot long-range attacks that home in on your position. It is suggested that the player takes out the Angel Stars before focusing on other enemies. Try to attack them from behind to catch them off guard, because sometimes they will hide underneath their wings and become invulnerable to attacks if attacked from the front.

If you see an Angel Star glowing, attack it immediately, as this is a sign of it producing a strong tornado-like spell that can deal heavy damage. Magic is not as effective against these enemies, and they absorb Thunder, so keep that in mind as well. Note that their ranged attack may be deflected back at them by using guard, leaving them stunned.

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