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KH1 icon.pngCOM image.pngREC icon.pngKHC icon.pngKHREC icon.png Alice's trial is an ordeal that took place in Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts wrongly accused Alice of stealing, put her on trial and sentenced her to beheading however Sora intervened to pardon Alice.


Kingdom Hearts

When Sora and the party arrive at Wonderland, they witness the Queen of Hearts accusing Alice of stealing her heart and putting her on trial because of it. Sora intervenes and tells the Queen that he'll gather evidence to prove Alice's innocence. During his search, the Cheshire Cat appears to give Sora some clues and then later rewarded Sora with Blizzard, once he gathered four pieces of evidence.

Sora collecting the stench evidence.

When Sora returns with the evidence, the Queen adds her own evidence to Sora's so that there are five pieces of evidence in total. Then she tells Sora to pick one box of evidence at random, which Sora finds to prove that the Heartless are the real culprits. This infuriates the Queen so she locks Alice in a cage and calls her Card Soldiers and the Crank Tower on Sora and his party.

After Sora defeats the Queen, Alice is found missing from her cage, a mystery later solved when she is revealed to be a Princess of Heart,

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

The incident of Alice's trial return in the form of memories of Sora's, during his time in Castle Oblivion. However, this time around, Alice is instead accused of stealing the Queen's memories and put on trial but she is saved when Sora claims he is the thief and fights off the Queen's soldiers.

Kingdom Hearts coded

Within the data version of Wonderland, Data-Sora finds Data-Alice to discover that she has lost all of her memories. By Data-Sora finding and using Inklings, Data-Alice recalls that she was lost so she asked the Cheshire Cat for directions. The cat suggested that she visit the Queen's castle however the card soldiers attempted to take her captive and put her on trial. Fortunately, Alice managed to escape before they caught her.


Item Description Location
Footprints (しょうこの足あと
Shouko no Ashiato
Evidence of the Heartless; present it to the Queen of Hearts. Found to the right of the mushroom-steps, in Lotus Forest
Antenna (しょうこのトゲ
Shouko no Toge
Found atop a lily-pad platform, in Lotus Forest.
Stench (しょうこの臭い
Shouko no Kusai
On top of the stove, in the Bizarre Room. Can be reached by entering the pathway on top of the bush at the back of Lotus Forest.
Claw Marks (しょうこの爪あと
Shouko no Tsumeato
Found on top of the cabinet near the faucet, in the Bizarre Room. Can be reached by giving a Potion to the Flower that makes you larger and then attacking the tree, twisting it, and stamping on the tree stump, flattening it and sprouting new mushrooms. This opens up a new pathway that makes the doorway that Sora should enter, accessible.
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