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The Akashic Record (アカシックレコード Akashikku Rekōdo?) is a shield that can be wielded by Goofy in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, named after the theosophical concept of the same name. It is dropped 1% of the time after defeating a Bookmaster.

An improved version, Akashic Record+ is available in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, and, similar to the original, is dropped by Runemasters only 1% of the time.


The Akashic Record is a square shield that is virtually identical to the books held by Bookmaster Heartless. It resembles a large book with a Heartless symbol on the cover. The front and back covers have a brown border, while most of the rest of the book is dark purple. Each of the front cover's corners is decorated by a small, silver claw pointing inward. There is a Heartless emblem placed dead-center on the front cover. The pages of the book, visible on the sides, are tan.

In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the weapon is a palette swap of the Kingdom Hearts II version, but is otherwise identical. The once-brown border is now violet, the claws are black, and the rest of the cover is grey. The pages of this version are silver.

The Akashic Record+ is yet another palette swap of the shield. In this version, the border is black and the covers are dark grey, separated from the border by a thin, pale yellow outline. The claws are red and the pages are tan like in the original Kingdom Hearts II version. The Heartless emblem is mostly unchanged, except for a thin, white outline that is gains in this version.

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