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This is the walkthrough for Agrabah as it is featured in Kingdom Hearts, as well as its Final Mix version. Sora and his friends travel to the desert city, meanwhile Maleficent questions Jafar on his search for the Keyhole and Princess Jasmine.


After landing you will immediately enter combat with the new Bandit Heartless, which are the standard melee enemies in Agrabah. They are not particularly notable, but do have a strong move where they throw themselves at you from a distance. Explore the area and the Storage room nearby, then head deeper into Agrabah. You will also encounter Pot Spiders here, which disguise themselves as the red pots that otherwise drop munny when destroyed. They might wander around aimlessly, and are rather weak on all accounts, except for two of their attacks. One of them is when they jump into the air, landing fast on your position, as well as a rarely-used but powerful self-destruct move.

Afterwards, head left into the Alley to find Jasmine, and then find yourself be found by Jafar. Defeat the Bandits he summons, then climb to where he stood and use the 'Release' command on the keyhole in the wall to open a door on the other side. Use the window shutters to jump over there and then climb the building to use the new exit to return to Main Street. Use the awnings to jump across the gap and enter Aladdin's House, by climbing the pole in an apparent dead end.

Move the two cabinets to free Carpet and release another lock. Follow Donald's instructions and head for the desert, where Carpet will take you to Aladdin. Defeat the ambushing Bandits, then decide whether or not you want to have Aladdin in your active party. He is similar to Goofy, primarily serving as pure offense with several useful support abilities; for now he is stronger than either of them. Afterwards you return to the Plaza, where you encounter Fat Bandits. These are akin to the Large Body Heartless, but can shoot fireballs and breath fire. Despite their fire theme they are not extra susceptible to Blizzard, although Gravity is effective. Green Requiems and Air Soldiers will also begin to spawn now.

This time the entrance to Main Street will be boarded up, so climb the awnings to use the side exit to Alley, and then use the exit on the other side to reach Main Street's upper area. From here, go around the entrance to Aladdin's House and jump from the red awning to the open doorway to enter the Bazaar. There is a blue Trinity Mark on the ground here, otherwise make your way to the upper ledge where you can release another lock and find a Fire Ring (Fira Ring in the original version) in a chest. Return to Aladdin's House to save, then enter the recently unlocked doorway for another bossfight.

Pot Centipede bossfight

The Pot Centipede bossfight.

All the streets of the city will be available as one arena for this bossfight, which is against the Pot Centipede. Pot Centipede consists of a head and tail end, with its main body being made up out of numerous Pot Spiders, which will be immune to damage while part of the body. Dealing damage to either the front or back end of the Centipede will cause it to be temporarily stunned, and any Pot Spiders to be free to act on their own. After some time the Pot Centipede will run down the barricade to Main Street, calling more Pot Spiders to its aid. It will subsequently also do the same in the Alley and Plaza areas.

The Pot Centipede parts on its own completely lack ranged attacks, with only their antennas having slightly better range then melee. Half of the danger comes from letting the Pot Centipede amass too many Pot Spiders, as they can easily overwhelm your party when their numbers are too high, as it will become difficult to manage both the Centipede parts and the many Pot Spiders flying around. As such, focus on any errant Pot Spiders whenever possible, until there are no more, after which you can finish off the Centipede. Lastly, Aero can be helpful in somewhat mitigating any damage you take, whereas Blizzard and Thunder are helpful area of effect spells against the Pot Spider hordes.

Equip the Ray of Light item you receive after on someone, then finish exploring the city. In Palace Gates, ignore the rows of pots for now as one of them contains the Pot Scorpion, a tough enemy unique to the Final Mix version. Next, save again at Aladdin's House and head for the Desert to let Carpet take you to the Cave of Wonders.

Cave of Wonders Guardian

The Cave of Wonders' Guardian fight.

The Guardian's weakpoints are its eyes, from which it also intermittently fires homing energy bolts throughout the entire fight. It can also breathe fire, and will constantly spawn Bandits, Fat Bandits, and Air Soldiers. Climb the head fron behind, or wait until it dives into the ground to make it easier, then stand on the nose and keep hitting the eyes while letting your companions handle the Heartless. The Bandits' and homing bolts from the eyes will be the biggest nuisance, but are unlikely to pose a real threat if you stand on the Guardian's nose.

You can also use ranged magic (Thunder works well) to hit it if you get knocked down, or focus on hitting Heartless for a bit to regain lost HP and MP. Afterwards, enter the Cave of Wonders, which consists of an upper and lower area. The upper area is very straightforward, but it is easy to accidentally fall into the lower area which has more of a maze layout. Aladdin can also use Abu here to activate gems to unlock passages to extra chests, of which there are a few notable items.

But first, make your way to the Treasure Room, where among several chests you can find a Defense Up, but are otherwise unable to progress as the next passage is blocked. Return to the Entrance area and descend down the stairs to enter the Relic Chamber, then swim through the passage to the Dark Chamber to find the first Torn Page item. Feel free to explore and find the rest of the items here, but otherwise head past the save point and swim up the waterfall here to enter the Silent Chamber.

In this room head to the platform with the blue Trinity Mark, then enter the passage to the Hidden Room, where you must hit a damaged stone pillar. This will let you go past the Treasure Room into the Lamp Chamber to fight Jafar.

Jafar bossfight

The Jafar bossfight.

Jafar has several offensive moves, which are all preceded by his chants, with two of them being genuinely dangerous. He opens with a ray of fire, which can be avoided with a Dodge Roll. His other attack is to summon a large blizzard around the center of the room, which deals continuous damage to anyone caught within. His third attack is only used whenever you are attacking him up close, and can be hard to miss, as he will send a small stream of dark energy into the floor, which results in a large explosion, which can only be avoided by fleeing whenever he uses it. Lastly if you avoid Jafar entirely he will sometimes set his scepter on fire, and attempt to hit you with it up close, although he can also decide to try and snipe you with the ray of fire.

Other than that he can fly rapidly around the area, switching between any of the three platforms, and also turn into an invulnerable wisp state, which has the same purpose. Sometimes he will generate a sphere of energy around him that blocks all magic, although it does not last very long. Genie meanwhile cannot be harmed, but will only slowly fly around the central area and try to hit you or anyone else that comes close enough. He will loudly apologize before attacking, so use that as your cue to dodge and keep away. His attacks sometimes cause various orbs to be dropped, so they are not too punishing either. He also has a chance of dropping many of them if you hit Jafar close to him (generally when he comes to you for a melee strike).

Once Jafar is defeated your Blizzard spell will be upgraded into Blizzara, after which you can return to the Treasure Room to save, as you will have a second bossfight coming up. After approaching Jasmine, jump down into the hole to fight Genie Jafar.

Genie Jafar bossfight

The Genie Jafar bossfight.

Genie Jafar himself can be hit with both Gravity and your new Blizzara spell, but doing so does little damage, and he should be ignored in favor of the lamp held by Iago. Either Dodge, deflect, evade, or Guard the large rocks Jafar throws, but otherwise he poses little threat unless you get too close for a melee swipe. You can hit him physically when he does, which staggers him if struck in the face, but if hit in the arm only causes him to retaliate by countering with his ray attack twice.

Iago is harmless, but will attempt to stay far out of your reach by flying around, with the repeatedly moving blocks further hindering your maneuverability. Use Aero and Cure if need be, as other magic spells are ineffective here. Iago will also be exhausted when he reaches the far end of the blocks, nearest the wall, at which point you have some time to attack him freely. Although Genie Jafar will cast a cure spell on him this does not actually do anything, after which you can finish the lamp and Jafar with it entirely.

Once you win your Fire spell is also upgraded, which now has turned into Fira, you also receive Ansem's Report 1. After sealing the Keyhole you will be forced to flee using Carpet. Simply swerve around the falling objects and pillars of fire, until you automatically arrive at Aladdin's House. Here you receive Genie as a Summon, the new Three Wishes Keyblade, and the Trinity Ladder ability which you can use at green Trinity Marks. Three Wishes is slightly stronger than the Jungle King, at the cost of less range. Trinity Ladder should be used to find a free AP Up in the Agrabah Storage room (originally a Power Up).

Genie himself can use the Showtime command when summoned, which causes him to fire random magical attacks at locked-on enemies. Now that you have both a Torn Page and the Trinity Ladder ability you should return to Traverse Town. Use the latter to access the Item Workshop above the Accessory Shop, where you can use the various drops you collected to synthesize items. Synthesize all items available to unlock the next set, but note that the Final Mix version added several new items and also changed the required synthesis materials quite a lot.

The Item and Accessory Shop will now have updated contents, but it is better to rely on equipping the new synthesized accessories instead. Purchasing new weapons for Donald and Goofy is recommended, however. Lastly, head to Merlin's house to explore the first part of 100 Acre Wood. Lastly, you can now very easily clear the Phil Cup's time trial thanks to Blizzara. Afterwards, head to either of the two new locations, with the lower one being somewhat easier. Before you reach either world however you will be intercepted and swallowed by Monstro, where the walkthrough continues.

Optional content

After sealing the Final Keyhole in Hollow Bastion you can return to Aladdin's House to let Carpet take you to an optional boss. Before you do so make sure to equip everyone with several extra spare Hi-Potions and Mega-Potions. You will also want the best accessories you can synthesize at this point in the game.

Kurt Zisa bossfight

The Kurt Zisa bossfight.

Kurt Zisa is fought out in the desert and will begin the fight by casting Silence on your entire party, effectively blocking you from casting magic and summons. You have a little time to cast Aeroga on yourself, but other than that you can only rely on the items you brought along and Goofy's Evolution ability for healing. Kurt Zisa's silence effect is canceled out once you destroy the two glowing orbs in its hands, which it will try to prevent using two attacks. It will either spin both of its blades, damaging anything surrounding it, or it will step backwards and then dash forwards again while swinging its blades in front and then behind it. In both cases Aeroga easily mitigates the damage it deals, but getting out of the way is more efficient.

Each destroyed orb drops HP orbs and when both are gone Kurt Zisa will fall down and finally open itself up for damage. At this point you should immediately revive any fallen party members and have them aid you in dealing as much damage to Kurt Zisa's head as possible. The snake-head will lash out with a bite attack, but this is easily deflected. After enough damage it will get back up and create a shield around itself, which can only be damaged with magic spells. You will want to summon Bambi while chasing after Kurt Zisa as neither of your allies will actually help in destroying its shield, while Bambi grants you an immense amount of MP orbs to spam magic on its shield. Optionally you can also use Mushu who also deals a lot of magic damage very fast. Note that damaging the shield also causes it to drop a few MP orbs, so if you run out of MP and Ethers this is a last resort.

Kurt Zisa will float around in its shield and cast its own spells at you from afar; it will saturate the area with floating fireball mines which you can hit back at its shield. It will also summon small sand tornadoes around you that converge into a big one, forcing you to roll away quickly. If you had dealt enough damage before this it will also spread orbs of thunder underneath the sound which pop out at nearby your position and attempt to slam into you. These deal a lot of damage so keep using Dodge Roll until they run out. The last orb will be much bigger and deals more damage, so avoiding that is the most important here.

After the shield is destroyed you once more have the opportunity to deal actual damage to Kurt Zisa itself. At the end of this part, before it gets back up, cast Aeroga on yourself and summon Tinkerbell. Both of these are necessary to deal with its strongest attack where it turns into a flying windmill blade after it casts Silence again. Kurt Zisa will fly up into the air and pass through your position, either horizontally or vertically, then it turns around and passes through again using the other position. It will do this quickly enough you have little time to maneuver, so stay in the center of the arena and time your Dodge Rolls very carefully to dodge it right when it is about to impact you. Sometimes you can also High Jump over its horizontal passes.

Due to the incredibly high damage it deals coupled with being unable to heal (you might not have enough time to use a Hi-Potion) you can at least rely Tinkerbell to revive you one time. Eventually it will return to its standard melee attacks giving you the opportunity to destroy its two orbs. Afterwards you will likely not destroy it in time, initiating the shield phase again, after which you have another opportunity to finish it off. Defeating it grants you the Zantetsuken ability for Sora as well as Ansem's Report 11.