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"Abyssal Tide" is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Roxas and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to "Abyssal Tide+."


The Abyssal Tide has a black handle with black spike in its pommel and a peculiar guard. The left half of the guard is light blue with a small, black section near its base, rectangular, and connects to both ends of the handle, while the right half is black, curves outward slightly, and does not connect to the bottom of the handle. Its shaft is light blue on its left half and regular blue on its right half.

The head of the blade is blue and forms a large hook that curves to the left. Its teeth are comprised by three curved spikes lining the outer edge of the hook. The Keychain token is a blue five-pointed star with a small, circular gap in its center.


The ground combo starts with a downward slash then an upward slash from the right and an upward slash from the left. There are two ways to end the ground combo: if you press A, you jump a small amount and do a downward slash. If you press Y, you jump into the air and put the Keyblade above your head and spin like a vertical buzz saw. The aerial combo consists of a horizontal slash to the left, followed by a horizontal slash to the right,an angled vertical slash down, and ends with the same buzz-saw technique as the ground combo.

The aerial combo of this weapon nets Roxas, as well as Xion, a lot of horizontal distance, allowing them to reach some locations (and chests) at the beginning of the game otherwise unreachable without high leveled Air Slides or High Jumps. A prime example is in the central area of Agrabah; one can use the combos to travel amongst the high ledges. The Leviathan's aerial combo is highly similar and slightly superior at an aerial combo.