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An Ability is a special upgrade that you receive for leveling up in the Kingdom Hearts games. Abilities can also be obtained upon completing certain chapters in the game.


The Abilities screen for Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. Shown are the Support and Weapon abilities.

Abilities are split into three categories: Support, Action, and Growth. Support abilities are usually abilities that make your character stronger either offensively or defensively by upgrading your Attack, Defense, or Magic.

Action abilities are abilities that usually give you a new technique, by pressing a button or is automatically done after a combo.

Sora has a different type of abilities in Kingdom Hearts II that only he can learn. They are called Growth abilities. They are abilities that help Sora move around faster or allow him to dodge attacks. He can also learn specific skills by leveling up his Drive Forms, such as a higher jump or the ability to glide. Sora can likewise strengthen these abilities by continuing to gain experience in each form.

It should also be noted that in Kingdom Hearts, the Abilities are not categorized as such, and that there are Shared Abilities - common growth abilities which are shared by Sora, Donald and Goofy, which include High Jump and Mermaid Kick.

In Kingdom Hearts II, various weapons can also carry abilities on them. Some of Donald's staves and Goofy's shield's have abilities, whereas all of Sora's Keyblades have abilities on them. This enables a character to have the same ability multiple times: for instance, Sora only learns one MP Rage normally. However, by leveling up Wisdom Form, he can learn a second MP Rage, and by equipping the Hidden Dragon Keyblade, he will instantly learn a third MP Rage.

Like most playing elements in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, abilities can be utilized through the Panel System.

In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, abilities are obtained in Command Melding where you need to meld 2 commands and an item. Should the player leveled up a command with an ability to its maximum level, the ability in the command will stay permanent for the character using it.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, abilities are unlocked or learned through the Stat Matrix. Connecting a CPU unit to an ability unit unlocks that ability.

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Basic Abilities

Ability Description
Scan (ライブラ
?, lit. "Libra")
Displays the names and HP of targets.
Second Chance (ラストリーヴ
Rasuto Rīvu
?, lit. "Last Leave")
Ensures you always retain 1 HP after an attack that would otherwise finish you off, unless you are already down to 1 HP.
Once More (コンボリーヴ
Konbo Rīvu
?, lit. "Combo Leave")
Ensures you always retain 1 HP throughout a combo that would otherwise finish you off, unless you are already down to 1 HP when the first attack hits.
Block (リフレクトガード
Rifurekuto Gādo
?, lit. "Reflect Guard")
Allows you to block and bounce back enemy attacks.
Combo Plus (コンボプラス
Konbo Purasu
Adds one stroke to your ground combos. Multi-install the ability for even longer combos.
Air Combo Plus (エアコンボプラス
Ea Konbo Purasu
Adds one stroke to your aerial combos. Multi-install the ability for even longer combos.
Finishing Plus (フィニッシュプラス
Finisshu Purasu
?, lit. "Finish Plus")
Allows you to perform consecutive powerful attacks at the end of your combos.