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"Abaddon Plasma" is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Roxas and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It can be upgraded to the "Abaddon Plasma+" and "Abaddon Plasma++."


The Abaddon Plasma's handle is black with a white tip and is surrounded completely by the guard, which is yellow. Each side of the guard sports two spikes that point diagonally downward. The shaft of the Keyblade is yellow with concave edges and ends in a point. On the tip of the shaft is a large, silver, "X" shaped charm shaped like the upper half of the nobody symbol. This charm is the only thing that connects the teeth of the Keyblade to the rest of the weapon. The teeth are formed by a black, circular arc lined with spikes. The Keychain token is a black ring lined with golden spikes, similar to the teeth of the Keyblade. The spikes of the left and right sides round off in the middle as a longer spike, which has a black line that runs down it's middle. With its color scheme being the only notable difference, Abaddon Plasma is identical to the Twilight Blaze Keyblade.

Abaddon is a recurring boss in the Final Fantasy series. Appearing in six of the main games, it usually takes the appearance of a monstrous undead insect. Also Abaddon, in the book of the Bible, Revelation, is the king of tormenting locusts and the angel of the bottomless pit.


This weapon's ground combo begins with a side slash to the right, followed by an upward slash, a downward slash, and finishes with a powerful side slash to the left. The aerial combo starts with an upward slash and ends with a spinning slash.