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A Darkness Awakened is the second series of cards in the Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game. It consists of the second and third sets of cards in the Japanese counterpart.

List of A Darkness Awakened Cards

  • (C)—Common
  • (U)—Uncommon
  • (R)—Rare
  • (SR)—Super Rare
Riku ADA-1.png
Donald Duck ADA-2.png
Goofy ADA-3.png
Jack Skellington ADA-4.png
Jack Skellington ADA-5.png
Jack Skellington ADA-6.png
Sally ADA-7.png
The Mayor ADA-8.png
Zero ADA-9.png
Beast ADA-10.png
Beast ADA-11.png
Beast ADA-12.png
Hercules ADA-13.png
Hercules ADA-14.png
Hercules ADA-15.png
Peter Pan ADA-16.png
Peter Pan ADA-17.png
Peter Pan ADA-18.png
Pluto ADA-19.png
Chip & Dale ADA-20.png
Broom ADA-21.png
Huey ADA-22.png
Dewey ADA-23.png
Louie ADA-24.png
Jiminy Cricket ADA-25.png
King Triton ADA-26.png
Winnie the Pooh ADA-27.png
Tidus ADA-28.png
Selphie ADA-29.png
Wakka ADA-30.png
Yuffie ADA-31.png
Leon ADA-32.png
Moogle ADA-33.png
Mushu ADA-34.png
Mushu ADA-35.png
Mushu ADA-36.png
Dumbo ADA-37.png
Tinker Bell ADA-38.png
Tinker Bell ADA-39.png
Cura ADA-40.png
Curaga ADA-41.png
Gravity ADA-42.png
Gravira ADA-43.png
Graviga ADA-44.png
Stop ADA-45.png
Stopra ADA-46.png
Stopga ADA-47.png
Aero ADA-48.png
Fairy Harp ADA-49.png
Olympia ADA-50.png
Metal Chocobo ADA-51.png
Oblivion ADA-52.png
Soul Eater ADA-53.png
Power Wild ADA-54.png
White Mushroom ADA-55.png
Air Soldier ADA-56.png
Pot Spider ADA-57.png
Bandit ADA-58.png
Screwdiver ADA-59.png
Fat Bandit ADA-60.png
Angel Star ADA-61.png
Stealth Sneak ADA-62.png
Aquatank ADA-63.png
Air Pirate ADA-64.png
Pot Centipede ADA-65.png
Search Ghost ADA-66.png
Behemoth ADA-67.png
Invisible ADA-68.png
Darkball ADA-69.png
Guard Armor (arm) ADA-70.png
Guard Armor (leg) ADA-71.png
Guard Armor (body) ADA-72.png
Defender ADA-73.png
Parasite Cage ADA-74.png
Darkside ADA-75.png
Queen of Hearts ADA-76.png
Hades ADA-77.png
Clayton ADA-78.png
Jafar ADA-79.png
Ursula ADA-80.png
Oogie Boogie ADA-81.png
Captain Hook ADA-82.png
Destiny Islands ADA-84.png
Disney Castle ADA-85.png
Wonderland ADA-87.png
Olympus Coliseum ADA-88.png
Olympus Coliseum ADA-89.png
Atlantica ADA-90.png
Halloween Town ADA-91.png
Halloween Town ADA-92.png
Neverland ADA-93.png
Hundred Acre Wood ADA-94.png
Hollow Bastion ADA-95.png
Riku ADA-97.png
Beast ADA-100.png
Beast ADA-101.png
Hercules ADA-103.png
Hercules ADA-104.png
Hercules ADA-105.png
Peter Pan ADA-106.png
Peter Pan ADA-108.png
Winnie the Pooh ADA-109.png
Yuffie ADA-110.png
Moogle ADA-112.png
Dumbo ADA-113.png
Tinker Bell ADA-114.png
Soul Eater ADA-116.png
Behemoth ADA-117.png
Parasite Cage ADA-118.png
Queen of Hearts ADA-119.png
Hades ADA-120.png
Clayton ADA-121.png
Jafar ADA-122.png
Ursula ADA-123.png
Oogie Boogie ADA-124.png
Maleficent ADA-126.png
Destiny Islands ADA-127.png

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