A Blustery Rescue (プーのおおあらし Pū no Oo-arashi?, lit. "Pooh's Storm") is a mini-game playable at 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. It can be played by obtaining the first Torn Page.

In this mini-game Sora holds on to Winnie the Pooh who is holding onto a balloon. You fly through the skies as you look for and rescue Piglet. In order to attain a score you must break pots and rocks and tree stumps and collecting their honey. Breaking a rock yields 10 points; pots can be hit 4 times for points until they break, each hit is worth 200 points and the total amount of points that can be obtained is 800; and breaking a tree stump after 6 hits is worth 400 points. If you fly over a tornado, a Reaction Command can be used to destroy all pots or tree trunks on screen. The game ends when Piglet is found and rescued.


A Blustery Rescue KHII

Using the Wee Tornado reaction command to break pots.

Sora's objective when he first plays the mini-game is to get to Piglet in 3 minutes. Doing so ends the mini-game and moves the story. When Sora plays the mini-game again, he can test himself to see how much honey he can collect before he reaches Piglet. If he uses the gusts of wind, it will pull in the surrounding objects and the score will increase tremendously. The player must achieve 18,000 points or more in order to complete a Jiminy's Objective.


This mini-game is overall, an easier mini-game to complete. It is possible to repeatedly press the X button, to prevent Pooh from being harmed. It is best to use Keyblades with a long reach, such as Sleeping Lion, Ultima Weapon, and Fenrir. Rocks give the least amount of points, large trees give the second most points, and honey pots give the highest number of points. As stated above, there are several tornadoes that can be used to gather and break all of the objects on the screen by the use of a reaction command. Correct timing is needed so as to be able to get the most points from the tornadoes. The requirement for Jimminy's Journal is rather high. You will have to destroy almost every single object to fulfill the requirement.

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